Hi there. Zhehan Jiang and I recently created a Bayesian DCM R package which makes users run Bayesian DCM more easily. StanDCM is R package aimed to fit Diagnostic Classification Model (DCM) via Stan in R. You can check Jiang and Carter’s (2019) article and André, Jonathan, and Robert’s (2007) DCM textbook for more details.

Features of the Package

  • Estimating log-linear cognitive diagnosis model (LCDM) and a variety of widely-used models subsumed by the LCDM, including the DINA model, DINO model, additive-CDM (A-CDM), linear logistic model (LLM), reduced reparametrized unified model (RRUM), multiple-strategy DINA model for dichotomous responses
  • Specifying customized prior distributions for parameters
  • Computing can be achieved in parallel environments
  • Estimating models within the LCDM model framework using user-specified design matrix
  • Estimating rating scale DCM for ordinal and nominal responses

How to install

Make sure you install stan first. Then copy and paste the code below in your R.