Visuliaztion of Item Information Curves In R

Item Information Curve

This blog is to show a new way to display item information curves using ggridges package. The ridge plot could show the IIF plots very clear when you have a large number of items.

ggplot(item_information_all %>% filter(item %in% 17:22)) +
  aes(x = factor, y = item, height = info, 
      group = item, color = as.factor(item), 
      fill = as.factor(item)) +
  ggridges::geom_ridgeline(alpha = 0.75) +
  ggtitle("Peer Social Capital: Information Functions")  +
Jihong Zhang, M.S.
Jihong Zhang, M.S.
Ph.D. Candidate

My research interests mainly focus on the Bayesian Diagnostic Classification Models (DCMs) - a special kind of Item Response Model and the model checking method, as applied in the psychological, educational, and social sciences. I seek to improve the utility of advanced psychometric modeling and provide easy-to-use tools or software for researchers.