Make a Game in R

Recently I found a interesting R package call nessy which allows you to create a simple game driven by shiny. Thus. I tried a little bit about this package. Making a interactive app in R is promising in the files like teaching, presentation and visualization.

Finally, I created the following shiny app:


jscode <- "shinyjs.closeWindow = function() { window.close(); }"
ui <- cartridge(
  title = "{Memorize the Names!}",
  subtitle = "Do you have some names to memorize in few minutes? Try this game!",
    title = "Names you want to memorize (i.e. Jonathan, Lesa)"
    title = "Add a Name",
    text_input(id = "name1", label = "Name", placeholder = "Jonathan Templin"),
    text_input(id = "key", label = "Keys", placeholder = "Iowa/DCM"),
    button_primary(id = "add", "Add")
  button_success(id = "play", "Play the Game"),
  extendShinyjs(text = jscode, functions = c("closeWindow")),
  button_error(id = "close", "Close Window"),
  # Game pages

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  names <- reactiveValues(
    oldnames = "",
    allnames = NULL,
    allkeys = NULL
  observeEvent(input$add, {
    names$oldnames = paste(names$oldnames, "<br>", input$name1, "  <==>  ", input$key)
    names$allnames = c(names$allnames, input$name1)
    names$allkeys = c(names$allkeys, input$key)
    output$namelist <- renderText(names$oldnames)
  observeEvent(input$play, {
    selectedkey <- sample(names$allkeys, 1)
    selectedname <- names$allnames[names$allkeys == selectedkey]
    output$gamepage <- renderUI({
        paste("Key:", selectedkey),
        text_input(id = "guessname", label = "Guess a Name", placeholder = "Jonathan")

  observeEvent(input$close, {

shiny::shinyApp(ui, server)

The game is like this:

Jihong Zhang, PhD
Jihong Zhang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

My research interests focus on the Bayesian Diagnostic Classification Models (DCMs) and other psychometric modeling, as applied in the psychological, educational, and social sciences. I seek to improve the utility of advanced psychometric modeling and provide easy-to-use tools or software for researchers.