Updating R Version Without missing packages

After updating to new R version (4.5) from old version, you have to re-install all packages by default. However, there’re some solution for that.

Unix (MacOs, Linux)

1.Create a new folder in home directory to store the packages. Sometimes, you need to change the permission level for this folder, or R may not have access to write this folder. Rlibs is a special folder where you can store all you packages.

sudo mkdir ~/Rlibs

2.Edit the .Reviron file in your home directory ("~") (create a new file if you don’t have it). Add the code below to let R know where is the installed Packages. R will read the configuration in the background from the path “~/.Reviron”.


3.Re-install you packages. After that you shall see your packages are stored in Rlibs folder.

Jihong Zhang, PhD
Jihong Zhang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

My research interests focus on the Bayesian Diagnostic Classification Models (DCMs) and other psychometric modeling, as applied in the psychological, educational, and social sciences. I seek to improve the utility of advanced psychometric modeling and provide easy-to-use tools or software for researchers.